Network Data & Server Cabinet Racks Wall Mount & Free Standing in Kenya

Data, Server, and Network Cabinet at Best Prices
Data, Server, and Network Cabinet at Best Prices

Hubtech Data solutions and Server Cabinets deals in a wide range of data cabinets and server racks. For Structured Cabling, Datacoms, Telecoms, Internet and networking infrastructure, server rooms  and general structured cabling and administration. We deal in cabinets from top manufacturers such as Orion, Totem Cabinets, EaseNet and Siemon. Need a server cabinet that will meet your needs? If you need assistance finding the right products visit us or call us on   contact details above

Hubtech’s  Freestanding / Wall Mount Server / Data Cabinets / Server Racks

A server or a data cabinet rack is used to organize and securely store Networking and computing gadgets to keep them from being tempered with, Corrupted by Dust water, or restricted handling of equipment. We have all range of data cabinets from 4U up to 58 U- Covering all cabinet variations and Models; Wall Mountable and Floor standing/ Movable Data/ Server Cabinets. Our Products will help you achieve what you need. From hanging / Wall mount needs for storage of networking equipment to Sophisticated Server Room Set Up. Data Cabinets and Server Racks will help you protect your important and valuable networking and communication equipment in business set up at home or Outdoor in public places (Corridors and publicly accessed business places. Hubtechs’ server racks Networking Cabinets for  the applications listed below;

  • Small, medium and large server network;
  • Securing network equipment such as DVR, Switches and Routers;
  • Mounting patch panels and switches;
  • Network communication equipment, such as telephone systems, PABX, etc

Our server cabinet come as a one box solution. With all the standard items that are needed for typical installation as per manufacturer specifications. The Rack Cabinets include

  • Shelve /Tray(S) fans,
  • Manufacture Specified Fans
  • They have top quality welded construction,
  • Assembling Nuts
  • Safety Door glass /front doors and a power rail with a well rated power extension to help you get started.
  • All Wall mount Data cabinets units have a Cam lock on the front.
  • All Floor standing Cabinets supplied by us have; castor wheels levelling feet, and the removable rear door.

We supply superior Quality Products, We work closely with our clients so that our products become solutions. Browse our extensive products online. Also see;

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