Data Cabinets & Server Racks Shop in Nairobi Kenya

Data, Server, and Network Cabinet at Best Prices
Data, Server, and Network Cabinet at Best Prices

Servers Rack and Data Cabinets shop Kenya are designed to precision to blend well with the interior décor of the places installed, this cabinet and racks come in different shapes and sizes to meet all the need a user may have on the cabinets. Servers racks are used to store large networking equipment such as servers, UPS and monitors while data cabinets are used to store routers, switches and networking accessories. They ranges from 4U, 6U, 8U, 9U, 12U, 15U all the way to 42U with different height and width dimensions.

Network Data Cabinets

Network cabinets are generally used for the storage of routers, patch panels, switches and a wide variety of networking equipment as well as networking accessories. In most cases, a network cabinet will be far shallower than a server rack cabinet, Data cabinets generally measure in at less than thirty-one inches deep. Networking cabinets will sometimes have a glass or a strong plastic front door. Network cabinets also generally do not have perforated enclosures . The type of equipment generally housed in network cabinets does not generate the same amount of heat as that housed inside a server rack.

we offer the best quality of Data Cabinets in Kenya. Our Offices are located in Nairobi Kenya.We offer onsite and Offsite Assembly and We deliver Throughout Kenya.Whether you need a small wall mounted data cabinet or a full specification Server Rack you’ll be sure to find it here.  Great deals on Data Cabinets and Server racks, most available for the Same day and next day delivery.

Price List Totem for Data Cabinets / Data Cabinet Accessories

4U – 530 X 350 X 300 Cabinet Fans, 4. Way PDU 6,000
6U- 600 X 600 + 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 13,000
6 U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 9,000
9 U- 600 X 600 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 16,000
9U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 12,500
12U- 600 X 600 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 18,000
12 U- 600 X 450 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 14,000
18 U- 600 X 600  /Free Standing 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 23,000
18U- 600 X 450 / Wall Mount 1.Cabinet Fan, 4.Way PDU,  1.Tray 21,000
22U- 600 X 1000 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 41,500
22U- 600 X 800 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 33,000
22 U- 600 X 600 2.Fans, 1.Tray, 6-way PDU 26,000
22U MESH  600 X 1000 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 45,500
22 U MESH  600 X 800 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 34,500
22U MESH  600 X 600 2.Fans, 1.Tray, 6- Way PDU 29,300
32U- 600 X 1000 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 46,500
32 U- 600 X 800 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 40,000
32U- 600 X 600 4. Fans, 1.Tray, 6. Way PDU 34,000
37 U- 600 X 600 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 37,000
42U- 600 X 1000 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 56,000
42 U- 600 X 800 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 46,000
42 U- 600 X 600 4.Fans, 1.Tray, 6  Way PDU 40,000
42 U- 800 X 800 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 65,000
42 U- 800 X 1000 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 76,000
42  MESH  U- 600 X 1000 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 61,000
42  MESH  U- 600 X 800 4 Fans, 1-Tray, 6. Way PDU 50,600
42  MESH  U- 600 X 600 4.Fans, 1.Tray, 6  Way PDU 44,000
42  MESH  U- 800 X 800 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 69,000
42  MESH  U- 800 X 1000 4 Fans, 2-Tray, 6. Way PDU 81,000

Data Cabinets / Racks are frame structures designed for mounting standard 19″ rack-mount equipment-servers, routers, UPS systems, switches, audio/video-regardless of the vendor.

They provide rack equipment organization, security, and cable management while enabling airflow. There are two basic types: rack enclosures (also called rack cabinets) and open-frame racks.

Where are the Racks used?

  • Server rooms and data centers
  • Audio/video installations
  • Closets housing telecommunications equipment
  • Industrial environments such as a factory floor

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Investing in data Cabinets and Datacenter racks are important for companies that depend on ICT Infrastructure to run the day to day operations

Data Cabinets are Enclosures that store ICT Equipment, while Server racks are open

A data cabinet server rack is similar to a server rack in that it holds and organizes IT equipment.

The main difference between a data cabinets and Server racks   is that a server cabinet is enclosed while Data Rack is not

Data Cabinets usually have lockable glass door has in the front and detachable side doors of the rack;

Most data cabinet doors are usually perforated to increase ventilation within the enclosure. A server rack cabinet offers additional security due to its ability to be locked.

In Structured cabling applications, Data Cabinets are used in conjunction with Data Cabling Equipment i.e. Cable managers, Patch Panels, Brush panels, etc. to make your cabling more orderly.

Wall mount and Lockable floor standing Data cabinets keep your Equipment Safe

Lockable Data Cabinets also keep your Network and Computing Equipment in one place under lock preventing from contact from people in the office by offering a locking feature.

A data server cabinet is perfect for an office or other room where people are constantly in and out, leaving your electronics vulnerable.

Data cabinets and Server racks keep your equipment organized and safe hence last longer

Keeping all your items off the floor and organized where they have not tampered, this will make your network more efficient. Troubleshooting network errors, accessing equipment makes your tech items easier to find.

Data cabinets and servers rack help the organization systemically arrange its equipment, the data cabinets have spaces where cable pass-through hence the cables don’t hang everywhere, the data cabinets come with a glass door and they are well designed to add glamour to the offices

Server Rack Cabinets

Server Racks are known by several names including computer racks, server cabinets, 19″ rack enclosures, network racks, and network equipment enclosures. Regardless of the name, these rack enclosures are integral to the success of every organization. They provide the platform that houses the mission-critical equipment your business depends on. Selecting the right server cabinet will help effectively cool, power, and protect your equipment. Here are five things to consider:

  1. Right-Sizing: Select an appropriately-sized server cabinet. What is your 5 Year growth plan? Size your rack to accommodate your companies future success or consolidation efforts.
  2. Power Provisioning: Server Cabinet Power. Rack PDUs should be considered with every rack purchase as well as whether you need UPS battery backup or ATS.
  3. Load Rating: Rack Cabinet weight capacities vary in terms of the amount the weight it can safely support. Note: that you will also need to make sure that your facility’s floor can support the weight of the rack fully loaded.
  4. Keep it Cool: Fully perforated server cabinets provide maximum cooling benefits without sacrificing security. We also offer inrow cooling solutions. What other options and accessories should you consider? Blanking panels are a great low cost solution to help improve airflow and efficiency. Wire management and floor grommets are also great ways to keep things neat and improve airflow.

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