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We are the market leader in electric fencing in Kenya. Our products, expertise and distribution network to ensure you obtain the best electric fence for your animal control, whether it is for farm animals, horses, wildlife, vermin or pets.

Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications at a cost lower than conventional fences.

KSh 110.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Under Gate Cable

KSh 2,300.00

Electric Fence Security

Razor wire galvanised

KSh 2,500.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Flattrap razor Wire 12m best price

KSh 5,500.00 KSh 5,000.00 + VAT
KSh 6,500.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Hammer 630 4 joule energizer

KSh 15,000.00 KSh 14,500.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Electric fence digital voltmeter

KSh 17,000.00 + VAT
KSh 22,000.00 KSh 20,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer

KSh 27,000.00 + VAT
KSh 30,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X1 Energizer

KSh 37,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Hammer 680 8 joule energizer

KSh 42,000.00 KSh 39,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X2 Energizer

KSh 42,000.00 KSh 40,000.00 + VAT
KSh 43,000.00 + VAT
KSh 45,000.00 + VAT
KSh 48,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X6 Energizer

KSh 85,000.00 KSh 83,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X12 Energizer

KSh 130,000.00 KSh 125,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X18 Energizer

KSh 147,000.00 KSh 145,000.00 + VAT

An electric fence is based on the principle of a strong psychological barrier coupled with a weak physical barrier that keeps robber’s wildlife or farm animals in and unwanted animals at bay

Electric wire Fences, regardless of their type, are used to prevent intruders or trespassers from accessing homes, commercial properties, and high-security areas. 

Using an electric perimeter security fence is an effective way to protect your property and valuable assets.  
Despite the successes achieved around the world, electric fencing still has its detractors. Most people swear by it but there are still a few who do not believe it works effectively. 

The reason for this is simple. Those who understand and apply the basic principles of electric wire fencing when constructing their electric fences will reap the benefits of electric fencing, while those who do not apply these principles will never get their fence to work effectively. 

Simplicity is the key and following just a few erecting guidelines will ensure an effective fence.
There is nothing new about using electricity to enhance security in homes business and control animals. 

 The technological advancements in solid-state electronics during the 1970s resulted in the development of the modern low internal impedance high powered energizers in use today. 

These modern energizers are capable of powering many kilometers of multi-strand electric fencing and the electric fence has now become a truly effective management tool that is being used successfully around the world to control all species of wildlife. 

Finally, while electric fence wire price in Kenya will obviously be an important consideration when planning any electric fencing project, guard against being too thrifty and of basing major decisions on price considerations alone. A wimpy energizer will result in a low standard fence

In addition to the high-voltage electricity that passes through them, electric security fences offer many advantages to the properties they protect in any part of Kenya. Here are some benefits of electric security fencing. 

Deterrence, Detection, and Delay

Electric perimeter security fences deter potential intruders from accessing your property, standing in their way as a physical, intimidating barrier. 

While the shock these fences deliver is non-lethal, it’s enough to stop most people in their tracks, delaying their attempt to steal your assets or materials.   

Should someone attempt to cross the fence barrier in spite of the electric shock, high-security options such as intruder alarms will detect the intruder’s presence when they access your property. 

In addition to detecting security breaches, intruder alarms will also alert you to doors being opened or devices being tampered with.  

Ease of Installation

While electric fences should always be installed by professionals, they’re known for being easy to install, use, and maintain. 

Rather than incurring the extra cost of building brand new fences, electric perimeter security fences can be installed parallel to or on top of your existing fence structure. 

Traditional fencing materials are heavy and sometimes difficult to transport, which can add to the cost and time it takes to get them installed.  

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Electric fences are composed of steel or aluminum wires that have been coated with a protective material to prevent rusting. 

You don’t have to worry about damage caused by precipitation, and there’s no need to paint or restain the material like you would for a wooden fence. 

The basic maintenance these fences require includes checking for adequate voltage in the wires with a voltage meter, preventing grass and other objects from touching the fence, and checking the connections.  

Almost any existing fence structure can be modified to include an electric fencing component. It can be added to the top of a fence structure to deter intruders from climbing over, or at the bottom of a security fence to stop trespassers from crawling under.

 It can be installed on cement walls, chain-link fencing, and even decorative wrought iron fencing.  

When compared to an intrusion deterrent like barbed wire, electric fences are a safer way to secure your property. 

Barbed wired can cause potentially fatal injuries, while an electric perimeter security fence delivers a non-lethal shock that can have its voltage adjusted up or down.  

Electric fencing offers a safer alternative than conventional barrier fences such as barbed wire and woven wire. It’s less harmful than many fence types, which routinely cut, gouge and scrape livestock, leading to expensive vet bills and production losses.

As you can see, electric fencing offers many benefits besides their ability to detect, deter, and delay unwanted visitors from accessing your property and valuable assets. 

When you work with hub tech electric fence Nairobi, we’ll make sure that you get an electric fence that perfectly matches your protection needs. 

Contact hub tech electric Fence online or by calling to reap the benefits of a quality and dependable electric perimeter security fence in Nairobi Kenya.  

Flexibility – The various systems available from hub tech gives you the flexibility to design the enclosure you need, whether a permanent, semi-permanent or portable application to work in most environments or geographical conditions.

Affordability – Cost savings of an electric fence are significant when compared to other fencing options such as wood, rail, vinyl, woven wire or barbed wire.

Effectiveness – Most animals are strong enough to escape through physical barriers. A psychological deterrent, like an electric fence, improves effectiveness of existing barriers.

Durability- Electric fences are not subjected to the same physical pressure from robbers or animals, and can therefore be expected to have a greatly extended service life. The life of old stock fences can be considerably extended using an electric fencing outrigger. 

Universal application- Experience worldwide has shown that electric fencing will greatly enhance security and contain all types of animals. This includes Elephants, bears, walrus, hippo and even snails. Educated stock develop a greater respect for electric fencing than for any other type of fence. 

Low maintenance – Once your fence is properly installed and your stock is trained, the maintenance requirements of electric fencing are little different from conventional fences. 

A daily check on the voltage will highlight any problems with periodic inspection of vegetation approaching the fence lines. 

Fewer stock damagesThe electric shock from your electric fence causes no physical damage to hides and pelts. If your stock is forced through the fence by veld fires or dogs, they are at less risk than with a conventional barbed wire stock fence tearing the hide to shreds incurring vet bills. 

Our Electric Fence installations include the following components;


Stafix X1 Energizer

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer

JVA Z13 1 Zone Security Energizer 2.8 Joule

Electric fence digital voltmeter

Ceramic Insulators for Electric Fence

Merlin Stealth M28S Dual Zone Electric Fence Energizer 8 Joule

Druid 15 LCD Electric Fence Energizer 5 Joule

Druid 28 LCD security energizer electric fence

Wizord 4 Electric Fence Energizer Energizer 4 Joules

Stafix RK 250 Isolated Electric Fence Monitor

Hammer 630 4 joule energizer

Hammer 680 8 joule energizer

Stafix X2 Energizer

Stafix X6 Energizer

Stafix X12 Energizer

Stafix X18 Energizer

HAMMER 640 5 Joule Energizer with Battery

Visit hubtech security shop in Nairobi Kenya today, we are the leading sellers of quality electric fences at very affordable prices.

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