Computing is the procedure for exploiting computer technology in order to finalize a process. In a nutshell, it involves both the software and hardware parts. Howbeit, it may also involve computer infrastructure. At HUBTECH, we understand that with the advent of computing, it is very hard to separate people from computing technology and therefore we k understand what our customers need. For instance, lashing out a credit or debit card, using a cell phone, sending an email entails some form of computing.
We stock diverse varieties of computing products such as laptops, desktops, POS systems just to name a few. Shop an awesome collection of durable and high-quality laptops at HUBTECHSHOP. Go through our top collection of quality laptops such as HP Elitebook, HP Probook, HP Envy, Toshiba Satellite, Apple MacBook, HP Pavilion, Apple MacBook Pro and Many more. If you need to make purchases of point of sale products in Kenya, HUBTECH is the leading dealer in point of sale system. We have many years of experience in point of sale technology. We stock all the POS systems in the market. We also offer solution based systems that can integrate your POS systems to the market needs.
We also stock projector screens at affordable prices. Shop projectors and screens right here on HUBTECH for your personal use for official purposes. A projector is a box-like device and consists of a small round lens which makes it feasible to project onto the screen. It works by being connected to the computer. Projector screens also needed when you are getting the projectors since they make it easy for the audience to see the projections

We are the leading online suppliers, dealers and resellers of computing in Nairobi Kenya. We also ship to all East African countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda

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