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Tp-Link Kenya, Shop a wide collection of Tp-Link Networking products in kenya. For Enterprise, ISP or Outdoor Internet Networking Infrastructure to Tp-Link Networking products for Home.

We have a comprehensive catalog of Tp-Link Networking Products Dealing in Both Wholesale and Retail Prices . Some of the Main Categories Include : TP-Link Switches, Routers, Access Points , Wifi Equipments, Power Line Wi-Fi Repeaters and adapters.

We are the leading online distributors, suppliers, dealers, resellers and installers TP-Link equipment eg routers, switches etc in Nairobi Kenya. We also ship to all East African countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda

KSh 7,500.00 + VAT

Tp-Link Routers & Access Points

TP Link M7200 4G Mobile Hotspot Portable Router

KSh 5,700.00 + VAT

TP-Link Radios & Antennas

TP-Link M7310 4G LTE Mobile MiFi Router

KSh 11,000.00 + VAT
KSh 9,500.00 + VAT
KSh 1,500.00 KSh 1,300.00 + VAT
KSh 1,500.00 KSh 1,400.00 + VAT
KSh 15,500.00 KSh 14,900.00 + VAT
KSh 7,500.00 KSh 6,900.00 + VAT
KSh 7,000.00 KSh 6,500.00 + VAT
KSh 11,000.00 KSh 10,000.00 + VAT
KSh 12,000.00 KSh 10,900.00 + VAT
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