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Electric Fencing is part of the wider idea of ensuring that security is maintained. This is paramount in homesteads, schools, government organizations, private and public institutions. At Hubtechshop we help people and organisations achieve this by designing and implementing this solutions in Kenya and all east African countries ie Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Rwanda. Among the equipment involved in this category are Electric fence energizers, razor wires, ceramic insulators,undergate cable, high tensile galvanised HT wire and electric fence digital voltmeter.

We are the leading online distributors, suppliers, dealers, resellers an installers of all electric fence quipment in Nairobi Kenya. We also ship to all East African countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan and Rwanda

Electric Fence Security

Razor wire galvanised

KSh 2,500.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Under Gate Cable

KSh 2,300.00

Electric Fence Security

Stafix X1 Energizer

KSh 37,000.00 + VAT
KSh 6,500.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer

KSh 27,000.00 + VAT
KSh 30,000.00 + VAT

Electric Fence Security

Electric fence digital voltmeter

KSh 17,000.00 + VAT
KSh 110.00 + VAT
KSh 45,000.00 + VAT
KSh 43,000.00 + VAT
KSh 48,000.00 + VAT