What is Distribution Layer and How to Choose Distribution Switch

Distribution switch

The distribution layer is the second layer of the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model. Switches connected in this layer are known as the distribution switches. Unlike access switches, distribution switches do not provide any service to end devices. This article will introduce what the distribution switch is and how to select the right distribution layer switches […]

All You Need to Know About Thermal Label Printers

thermal label printer

Thermal printers offer convenience in printing labels, receipts and bar codes quickly and cost effectively in a set location or on the go. In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how a thermal printer works and the key features to look for so you can find the right model […]

Everything You Need to Know About PABX.


Communication systems play a major part in the operations of most offices around the world. Regardless of the size of the company, a working internal communications system that allows workers to seamlessly connect without relying on external factors is usually one of the first things installed in new corporate headquarters and small business offices alike. […]

Ubiquiti Products Dealer Kenya

ubiquiti products

What are Ubiquiti Products? Under multiple brand names, Ubiquiti manufactures and sells wired and wireless products. Ubiquiti Access Point, switches, Routers e.t.c available at undoubtedly competitive prices in Kenya from Hubtech Limited Kenya ubiquiti resellers. UBIQUITI SWITCHES Switches are networking devices operating at layer 2 or a data link layer of the OSI model. They […]

ZK Teco access control

zk teco access control

What is access control? The purpose of access control is to grant entrance to a building or office only to those who are normally authorized to be there. The deadbolt lock and its matching brass key were the gold standards of access control for many years; however, modern businesses want more. Yes, they want to […]


Mikrotik switch

What is a mikrotik switch? Switches are networking devices operating at layer 2 or a data link layer of the OSI model. They connect devices in a network and use packet switching to send, receive, or forward data packets or data frames over the network. A switch has many ports, into which we plugged computers. […]

Intercom systems and solutions

intercom system

What is an intercom? An intercom is a personal telecommunications device which facilitates the exchange of messages between two or more locations where standard vocal communication would be difficult or impossible due to distance or obstructions.      Once a visitor has announced his or her presence over the intercom the occupant of the premises decides […]

Siemon Fiber optic cable

Siemon Fiber optic cable

What is Siemon Fiber optic cable? Fiber optic cable is an advanced type of network cable. It offers significantly improved performance in terms of both spare capacity and data carrying than traditional metal conductor alternatives. Fiber optic technology is an effective cabled-based communication system. Siemon fiber is reliable, versatile, and widely used in many applications […]

What is a MIKROTIK router and what you need to know.

Mikrotik routers

What is a MIKROTIK router? A router receives and sends data on computer networks. Routers combine the functions of network hubs, modems, and switches, and connect with these devices to improve internet access. Types of MIKROTIK routers Core Mikrotik router Service providers or cloud providers commonly use core routers. They provide maximum capacity to connect […]

What is Yeastar IP PABX and what you need to know.

yeastar ip pabx

Yeastar offers products and services for UC&C, workplace management, and hybrid workplace to help businesses embark on an easy digital manner. It involves with a variety of other Yeastar products including Yeastar analog phone systems, VOIP gateways, and IP phone systems What Is a VoIP Gateway & How Does It Work? A VoIP gateway is […]

Choosing a Time and Attendance System.

Biometric Time Attendance Systems

Time and attendance systems do far more than track employees. Here’s why – and how – to get one. Time and attendance systems are employee time-tracking software that integrate with payroll software. Running payroll with a time and attendance system improves efficiency and accuracy by reducing the need for double entry. Time and attendance systems […]

What is Yealink IP Telephony and everything you need to know about it.

yealink ip Telephony

What is Yealink IP Telephony and everything you need to know about it. With the advent of Voice IP technology, communication in business has become refined and transparent. It gives an enterprise to achieve its goals in communication by increasing the employees’ proficiency and productivity and reducing telephone expenses. Thus, to maintain reliable and stable […]