Access Control & Security Systems: Biometric, RFID, Facial, Alarms

HUBTECH limited  is the market leader in Kenya for biometrics access control solutions, Employee Biometrics time attendance management Systems, biometric user verification solutions. As one of the leading biometrics companies in Kenya, we are suppliers, installers, dealers and distributors of different types of fingerprint solutions. In most computer systems, measures such as PIN, passwords, HID, RFID, Mifare swipecards and keys are used for identity verification . Your access control installer in Kenya  or any major biometric installation companies will agree that the setback about these measures is the fact that people often change, disclose or forget them compared to other biometric data. An accurate and reliable technique of identification/verification can be designed by use of biometric data.

Biometric Access control systems are security devices that control entry to a premise. This can be used for home and commercial security. The biometric door lock system utilizes finger print reader technology to lock and unlock your door. You can always set, re-set or remove the fingerprint access information on the device. As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya,our systems are able to log over one thousand users and keep all logs in the system database. Like other security products, our biometric access control systems can be advanced by integration with other systems. Our Employee clocking system or Staff attendance management system can be used by human resource to assist in time management and payroll.

As a leading Biometric systems supplier and distributor in Kenya, our fingerprint scanners offer a preferable identification technique when compared to traditional PIN-based and password techniques for the below reasons:

  • The individual who requires identification has to be present physically during identification
  • Biometric techniques of identification obviate the need of carrying a token or remembering a password.

There are different types of locks available:

  • Magnetic Locks
  • Strike locks
  • Hotel door locks among others

We advice clients on why access control systems are important  for their business. We also advice them on the reasons for installing a time attendance system and how it improves their businesses.

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